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Business bankruptcy and restructuring for solving the hardest business problems

Colorado Bankruptcy | File Bankruptcy for $0 Money Down | Colorado Bankruptcy

Colorado Bankruptcy http Colorado Bankruptcy Colorado Bankruptcy Help is offering good people who are struggling with debt the chance to file bankruptcy for

The Truth About Bankruptcy 800-728-3363 800-SAVEDME. Bankruptcy Attorney Jamie Ryke from the Law Offices of talks about the Truth about Bankruptcy. You can speak to him directly.
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money down. Colorado Bankruptcy Too much debt is a leading cause of stress and solving debt problems…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Encephalitisify says:

    he’s right. In 2003 i had a costly surgery that I really couldn’t afford. It was an emergency appendectomy. Not knowing any better, I tried paying on the account a little at a time. In the end—10 years later, they sued and i was forced to file bankruptcy JUST for that bill. Had I done it in 2003, My credit would have been good by now.  In fact, I was starting to get credit limits on existing card in the 10,000 dollar range–was all destroyed on a 2003 bill.

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  • SecondStart says:

    I am sure people can file bankruptcy for themselves but there are so many Attorney’s out there and the price is relatively inexpensive.

  • josephfoster30 says:

    I filed a Chp 7 myself for free.

  • SecondStart says:

    what you think is a downside may not be. If you had filed when you started struggling your credit would already be fixed.

  • CheeseburgerParade23 says:

    Ok, but what if you’re on the fence? how many years of struggling is too many when faced with the downsides of bankruptcy?

  • commanderjude says:

    there’s always money in the banana stand.

  • Michael Goldstein says:

    People are not abusing the bankruptcy system for the most part. However, keep in mind that in 2005, Congress did pass a bill to help eliminate any abuse that may be out there.

  • RichardACheck says:

    Agreed, bankruptcy is a tool provided to Amercians.

  • sanantoniotexlawyers says:

    Sometimes things happen and there is no way out.

  • SecondStart says:

    Mscmatt, you could not be more mistaken. I think people should be able to file bankruptcy once a year. Could you imagine how people would really go for it with great ideas. Do you know why the model T was the first mass production car? The reason why was because A through S failed. Go look how many times Henry Ford had to file for bankruptcy. I don’t know about you but If my Heirs end up owning a professional football team I doubt they will consider me the scum of the earth. good luck

  • mscmatt says:

    I think people should only be able to file for bankruptcy one time in their lives. I’m seeing too many people abusing bankruptcy laws so they can live extravagant lives without having to pay up…  This has to STOP because it’s pulling the rest of society down with them. People need to learn that it’s not OK to spend more than they make on a regular basis. This is destroying us all. People who file for bankruptcy more than once are the scum of society!

  • raidergus says:

    Unfortunately we are stuck with our current system.

  • SecondStart says:

    They charge upfront for their services when somebody is filing a chapter 7 and overtime when the party is filing a chapter 13. I know that many and most who file do not have a lot of money but the cost to file is much less than anybody’s debt/

  • SecondStart says:

    it really is insane when you think of the countries that have National Health Care.

  • PatzerKing says:

    Bankruptcy attorneys it seems to me provide an important service; but, how do they make a living?

  • stayjit1 says:

    I shake my head when I hear of Americans going bankrupt because of medical bills. Get National Health Care you dolts, like every other country in the developed world. Have you not figured out the insurance companies are taking you for a ride ?

  • imikewillrockyou says:

    The current Bankruptcy laws strip you down to the $300 and a broken down car. So why file? If you are that broke and don’t have a job you don’t have anything to lose anyway. That’s how I see it anyone (I’m not an attorney). And you are correct the system is rigged to protect the banksters and the elite of this country. And guess what? You and I are not included.

    The entire banking system is ponzi scheme. Watch this: watch?v=vVkFb26u9g8

  • SecondStart says:

    completely true

  • SecondStart says:

    You will not be able to get rid of student loans. As far as the credit card debt it will never go away unless you do something about it.

  • Achaeos6 says:

    Well I’m trying to step out of the system entirely. Live in the woods and have few possessions of any value, Trying to live off the land more. I hate the damned government they have us all effectly enslaved no matter where we work.
    I have some credit card debt & student loan debt. I’ve never been able to get on top of these and now it is impossible because I was fired.
    Is it time to file bankrupcy or sit tight? Creditors call sometimes but they generally don’t affect my life.

  • TheLifeImprovement says:

    This video is pretty interesting, does that make me a nerd? We might be able to work together. I help people who have file bankruptcies get a cash settlement

  • deanglo90 says:

    @407buddy What does this comment mean?

  • Integritydebthelp says:

    The statements made on this video are 100% true in our experience in the UK and what I here it is true in the US as for the UK. There is a stigma but nobody can describe what is is or where it came from.

  • EternallyRecurring says:

    Bankruptcy can be stressful, but it’s no more stressful than wondering if you’re going to make each and every payment on time without incurring fees and higher interest rates, wondering if you’ll EVER pay off your debt. Chances are most people’s bankruptcy will reach the 10 year mark before they would’ve payed off their original debt. Just look at your statements, new laws require them to inform you how long it will take to pay off your debt making the minimum payment. One card said 18 years.

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