The art of finding a way out

Business bankruptcy and restructuring for solving the hardest business problems

January, 2013

AmEx restructuring means layoffs Credit card company American Express is to cut about 5400 jobs – that is around 8.5 percent of its workforce. The layoffs are part of restructuring to save money and adapt to the fact that people are increasingly making bookings online or with mobile phones instead of through travel agents. AmEx said spending with [...]

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THQ Files for Bankruptcy (Inside Gaming News Desk) Click here to watch Bioshock: Infinite First 5 Minutes – Inside Gaming Daily 12/19/12 THQ Files for Bankruptcy (Inside Gaming News Desk) Reports began pouring in this morning that recently suffering publishing giant THQ has filed for bankruptcy protection. It wasn’t until later that we received a press release from the company that clarified [...]

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Jobs jettisoned in a troubled cliff solution

Jobs jettisoned in a troubled cliff solution However, on the supply side, increased business regulations, rising health care costs and mandates imposed by 'Obamacare', and now higher taxes on small businesses, discourage investments that raise productivity and competitiveness and create jobs. Read more on Business Spectator Cerberus, Supervalu Close to Deal Cerberus, with a long [...]

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Dr. Robert L. Cucin Joins the Exclusive Haute MD Network

(PRWEB) January 02, 2013 An exclusive invitation-only group, the doctors representing the Haute Living MD Network are at the pinnacle of their industries. Dr. Robert L. Cucin was handpicked for his exceptional reputation in a wide variety of areas related to his medical practice. These include his surgical skill, prolific written works, and the advancement [...]

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