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August, 2012

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Bankruptcy Court Hearings

Bankruptcy clients need to be honest and complete in their dealings with the bankruptcy court. Watch this video, produced by the Office of the US Trustee, for more information.

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Creative businesses try to solve Brazil’s growing trash problem – Hot Latest News

Brazil is an emerging economy, but its growing wealth is also leading to a growing trash problem. In Brazil “catadores” are people who work for cooperatives and pick through trash for valuables to recycle. Cooperatives are key to the recycling system now in place here in Brazil, only two percent of Brazil’s domestic waste ends [...]

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Company Insolvency Company insolvency – What is company insolvency? Or rather what is company liquidation to the point? Company insolvency is a company that might be insolvent and if your company is insolvent and you continue to trade. Are you aware of the consequences whilst trading insolvent the legal implications of director disqualifications and what could [...]


Taking troubled businesses from troubled to triumphant video 1.mp4

An introduction to a series of videos designed to help small business owners improve their profitability Julianne describes the firm’s special skill in deciphering the root causes of business problems and the unique tools that the firm brings to the job of restoring a businesses financial health. Video Rating: 0 / 5

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