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Business bankruptcy and restructuring for solving the hardest business problems

February, 2012

Protect your supply chains and get affordable rates

In 2011 American insurance industry is likely to enter the record books as one of the most expensive. The unprecedented range of natural disasters the whole world faced the last year resulted in its destructive effect on the supply chains too. And you shouldn’t thik it has nothing to do with people living in safe [...]

What will affect your rates

Insuring a vehicle is probably one of the least pleasant aspects of owning a car. And because it’s required by law you just can’t do anything about it. Most people choose going with the flow when it comes to car insurance and simply take the first policy they come across. Others, however, take the time [...]

How to Profit from Industry Losses

The numbers are in and AIG, Allstate, Metlife, State Farm, and New York Life are not going to be happy-their industry continues to decline in profitability. This slide began in 2007 and shows no sign of letting up in 2010. The numbers come from industry data collector and analyst SNL Financial, who showed that the [...]

Auto insurance for teen drivers

Teenagers can’t hide their excitement when the time comes and they are old enough to drive their own cars and have their own driver’s license. What should a parent expect when the time comes and the teen gets behind the wheel? This is the question that bothers most parents. There’s no secret that teen drivers [...]

Mo Money Mo Problems

Unco Chin wins the lottery?! Leah Walczak: JKFilms Merchandise and Unco Same Hats: FOLLOW US FRIEND US: JUSTKIDDINGFILMS WEBSITE: JustKiddingFilms http Video Rating: 4 / 5 Problems that we face as citizens in first world countries. Lets stop taking things for granted! Thanks to Tiffany for the camera work! [...]


SearchPath HCS Announces 2nd Quarter Results

Cleveland, OH (PRWEB) February 17, 2012 SearchPath HCS, Inc. (Pink Sheets: SRCP), announced that its fiscal 2nd quarter results showed a loss of $ 598,562 due to a onetime charge related to the ongoing restructuring of the company. Operating expenses for the quarter were $ 698,547 compared to $ 231,842 for the same period last [...]

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Tips on saving money with insurance

They are estimates of what insurers will charge you for a certain coverage package. Car insurance quotes take the major factors used to determine rates, feed them into an algorithm, and give you a pretty good idea of what you will be charged by any given company. Owning a car is a very pleasant and [...]

Pay-as-you-drive insurance

One of the more interesting features of insurance is the degree of trust the insurer shows in what you say. Unless you are asking cover for something expensive and unusual, no insurer is going to ask to see whatever it is. You are allowed to add the vehicle or top-of-the-range electronic gizmo to the policy [...]

Vertical Consultants Procures 46% Rent Increase From Sprint-Nextel Corporation — Sprint Agrees to Increase Telecom Rent for Pennsylvania Based Self-Storage Developer

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) February 16, 2012 Vertical Consultants gladly announces its ability to assist Budget Self Storage, an Allentown, Pennsylvania based self-storage operator with fifteen industrial properties located throughout the Northeastern United States with a renegotiation of its current telecom ground lease with Sprint-Nextel Corporation (the third largest telecom provider in North America and 85th [...]

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irs business problems

Video Rating: 0 / 5 – Most health plans are most concerned with improving quality scores, improving provider relations, increasing member satisfaction, and recruiting and retaining more clients. However, health plans need to start anticipating longer-term changes and obstacles that could be seen 3, 4, or 5 years down the road. Video Rating: 0 [...]


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